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I want to express that medusa was not as guilty as she seemed. I collaborated to the design of the game, together with ilya florenskiy, davide politi, pietro righi riva,enrico rossomando, luca francesco rossi and nicolo tedeschi. And even today people are still fascinated and learning about the myth of the gorgon, medusa. These questions contain several short answer, a multiple choice, and some extended response. Fascination with perseus battle with medusa continued long after ancient greek and roman times. The first one is a protoindoeuropean myth of a thunder god killing a dragoness.

In greek mythology, the gorgons head of medusa is a symbol of deathly terror. He received help from athena and hermes who gave perseus a sword, a mirrored shield, and winged sandals, these gifts were used to escapes medusas sisters. Her body is dressed in a crimson traversed by the golden branches of willow trees, colour and light held into shape by sharp black borders. However, she swore a vow of chastity and soon broke it by having an affair with poseidon, supposedly in athenas temple. This engaging and detailed lesson enables students to gain a deep understanding of the greek myth perseus and medusa. The story of medusa from greek mythology guy counseling.

In some variations of the myth, medusa was born a monster like her sisters, described as girded with serpents, vibrating tongues, gnashing their teeth, having wings, brazen claws, and enormous teeth. In this popular version the medusa is a monster with hair of a thousand snakes. Medusa was a formidable foe, since her hideous appearance was able to render any onlooker into stone. Pdf the myth about medusa might represent a psychological archetype of rape victim that transforms into abuser. The rite consists of wine consumption, song and dance, ecstatic and. The hero took the mares back to eurystheus, but eurystheus set them free. Kind polydectes sent perseus to bring him the head of the only mortal gorgon, medusa. The earliest known record about the story of medusa and the gorgons can be found in hesiods theogony. In doing so, students learn to interpret and infer the key elements of plot in texts, comment upon the key themes and plot ideas running through a text, and empathise with the firstperson perspective of a character. Harding, published in 1906 by scott, foresman and company.

Athena then sent medusa with her hair of snakes to live with the blind monsters, the gorgon sisters, at the end of the earth, so that no innocent people would be turned to stone at the sight of her by accident. Luckily for our hero, goddess athena decided to help him she held a grudge against medusa. Not everyone terrible always used to be like that can someone rephrase that because everyone always portrays medusa as a monster when in the past she was actually turned by athena quite unfairly. Myth of medusa is a game we made during the last global game jam 2014, in rome. The myth of perseus and medusa is one of the best thrillerlike tales in greek mythology with a promising plot that gets more complicated as the story progresses, this myth has a typical hollywoodlike scenario with the main character not being born yet at the moment when his destiny was determined. Focusing on the reflection of medusa s head, he rose a bit on the winged sandals, raised the. A good introduction into this myth, beware some mention of a sexual encounters. She boasts endlessly about her beauty all the time. The story and myth of perseus and the medusa features pictures from mythology and legend. In greek mythology, medusa was a monster, a gorgon, generally described as a winged. Included is a 3rd grade level version of this classic greek myth, as well as graphic organizers and qu.

Medusa was asleep and perseus, using the reflection in athenas bronze shield as a guide so as to not look directly at the gorgons and be turned into stone, managed to cut off her head with his sickle. The story of medusa greek mythology explained youtube. The videos are in mov and wmv format but if you require them in a different format please let me know. He saw her thanks to the reflection on his shield, he spied her all day. Medusa and athena greek mythology free playscripts for.

Children can then reconstruct the story using the follow me question cards. Some believe i was born looking like this but i will tell you that is only a myth. Acrisius, scared that perseus will grow up to kill him, throws perseus and danae. The main character in this epic, who is sent to kill medusa. She was once a beautiful maiden with long, golden hair. Medusa, a love story quickly rose to the top of my alltime favorite books. In ancient greek mythology, medusa is the most famous of three monstrous sisters known as the gorgons. Fearing that, he hid his daughter danae in a chamber underground. It was known that medusa herself was a priestess of athena, and thus was sworn to a life of celibacy. Medusa the short mythical story of medusa is one of the famous legends that feature in the mythology of ancient civilizations. Oct 04, 20 the story of medusa, the girl that was turned into a snake monster because she angered athena. Medusa is a mythical creatures comes from greek mythology, she was a gorgon, a chthonic monster, and a daughter of phorcys and ceto medusa smite by scebiqu female snake monster beast creature animal medusa by scebiqu simon eckert skin illustration for smite more smite art here since hirez has announced medusa in smite.

The monster medusa is a gorgon with a head full of snakes. Hesiods theogony, written in the 8th to 7th centuries bce, gives the origins and genealogy of the greek gods. In my first story i dive deep into what truly happened the day i was turned in to an evil monster. The myth of the gorgon, medusa has been told all around the world. The issue of women and femininity in perseus stories are kind of problematic. Medusa myth video this is a short animated video to show the story of medusa myth.

Take this interactive practice quiz to find out how much you know about the story of medusa. The myths team many years ago there was a beautiful women called medusa. Dec 01, 2016 still, her story is so similar to these others that it obviously descends from the same indoeuropean myth. Recommended to all the greek mythology enthusiasts and lovers out there. Medusa, who represented female wisdom, was the eldest of two other gorgon sisters, stheino, who represented strength, and the last sister, euryale as universality. Medusa shortstory, part 4 medusa comics, cute stories. Zeus ruled the entire universe no one was mightier than the mighty zeus. Wisdom will rule this day on, your constant lullaby their serpents song. Myth ii is a real time strategy game created by bungie in 1998, the successor to myth the fallen lords. The story of medusa from ancient mythology read about gods, goddesses and mythical creatures in the myth story of medusa. According to this ancient author, the three sisters, sthenno, euryale, and medusa, were the children of phorcys and ceto and lived beyond famed oceanus at the worlds edge hard by. Hey i stuck between which would be the morallesson theme about the myth of medusa. The story of medusa and the greek goddess athena a myth submitted to the site by shainuja many years ago there was a beautiful women called medusa.

The angry goddess changes medusas hair to snakes and makes her so ugly her look will turn any living thing that looks at her to stone. She was usually represented as a winged female creature having a head of hair consisting of snakes. In the 20th century, feminists reassessed medusas appearances in literature and in modern culture, including the use of medusa as a logo by fashion company versace. Just as the medusa was powerless to fight against the repressive actions forced upon her, so too was she powerless against the continual metamorphosing of the myth which resulted in the more popular medusa myth commonly known today.

The story and myth of medusa features pictures from mythology and legend. Her downfall came by perseuss hand, and she is one of the favorite monsters of greek mythology. Medusa is widely known as a monstrous creature with snakes in her hair whose gaze turns men to stone. They are washed up on the shore of the island of seriphos, where polydectes is king.

A beautiful mortal, medusa was the exception in the family, until she incurred the wrath of athena, either due to her boastfulness or because of an illfated love affair with poseidon. The stage is empty, and you watch as the figure of medusa steps into the gaslight. The story of medusa, the girl that was turned into a snake monster because she angered athena. Feb 10, 2017 well mythology is always presented with a twisted logic athena was a goddess she had nothing against humans. Mar 15, 2015 the curse of athena comes to be in the story of medusa, whos fate is changed by actions she had no control over. Starting with details about medusa s history, physical features, and supernatural powers, the text continues with a retelling of the classic myth of perseus. The myth of medusa and poseidon and the punishment of athena. Revision of the greek myths learn with flashcards, games, and more for free.

Once a beautiful priestess to athena, the greek goddess of war, medusa is transformed into a hideous monster after she falls victim to a crime. A story of victim blaming, one that she says sounds all too familiar in a current american context. Antonio canova, benvenuto cellini, edward burne jones, paul reubens, and more have created paintings or sculptures based on the story of perseus and medusa. Perseus turned to atlas for help and when denied the guest friendship bond, perseus turned atlas into stone. He places medusa in the line of the ancient seagods. We continue the story about our hero with the myth of perseus and medusa the gorgon. Medusa, in greek mythology, the most famous of the monster figures known as gorgons. The promotional video features gameplay from almost 2 decades of online play in the tournament. The myth of perseus and medusa is an important example of morality at work in ancient greece, and this quizworksheet combo will help test your understanding of these. In classical antiquity the image of the head of medusa appeared in the evilaverting device known as the. She also said she could do a better statue than athena. A fisherman opened the box and out came percius and his mother.

One of my favorites is the medusa story, sometimes referred to. And if you care for a lovely take on the much scorned character, medusa, do read this and learn. That is the exact opposite of how i want to portray this story. Finishing up the story of perseus with too many monster fights. In greek mythology, medusa is one of the three gorgons medusa, stheno, and. The story of perseus long ago, king acrisius of argos learned from an oracle that he would one day be killed by his grandson.

Athens, greece the user submitted story below is similar to one version of the medusa myth. They are knowledgeable, kind souls but like so many things, they cannot stick around forever. In other versions of the myth, perseus gave medusas head to athena, who placed it onto the aegis she wears. In ancient greek mythology, medusa is the most famous of three monstrous sisters. The angry goddess changes medusa s hair to snakes and makes her so ugly her look will turn any living thing that looks at her to stone. Medusa was one of the gorgon sisters, the daughter of phorcys and keto. Aug 20, 20 medusa was a formidable foe, since her hideous appearance was able to render any onlooker into stone. This book gives readers a closeup look at this snakehaired horror. Over the years, many famous artists have taken on the subject. The short story and myth of perseus and the medusa the myth about perseus and the medusa is featured in the book entitled greek gods, heroes and men by caroline h. This worksheet gives an overview of the greek myth of perseus and medusa. When you have finished reading the poem, please scroll down a little further to read some comments on the myth. Greek mythology and medusa free essays, term papers. Medusa lived in the city of athens in a country named greece.

Beyond that, medusa s story is, johnston argues, a rape narrative. She has been featured in movies, books, cartoons and even video games. Today we look at one of the most misunderstood characters in greek mythology, medusa. What is a summary of the story of medusa and the greek. In the greek mythological pantheon, the gorgon medusa stands a head above all others in her power to terrify. As an educator and counselor, i often use tales from classic greek mythology as a way of relating common themes that speak to the human condition. Medusa s head retold by olivia coolidge 1 king acrisios of argos was a hard, selfish man.

Some scholars believe that the greek and roman medusa myth, as told by ovid, expresses the vanquishing of the great goddess religions as the male. Perseus and medusa myth text bedtime and campfire stories from way, way back in the day heres one version of perseus story, as told by thomas bulfinch in the age of fable. Medusa, also the most wellknown of the three sisters, had snakes for hair and was hideously ugly. Greek and roman mythology except for the whispering sounds of the serpents that were her hair.

Death when medusa got pregnant by poseidon, perseus, son of zeus, with the help of athena and hermes, killed her by chopping her head off. There were pretty girls there, and medusa was one of them. The myth of perseus and medusa greek gods and goddesses. The story of medusa and athena mythology literacy pack pages.

Word eventually got to percius that the gorgon medusa was terrorising the island citizens, turning them all, one by one, into stone. As we see it, women are either beautiful and helpless damsels in distress danae, andromeda or ugly monsters the gor. She was a very kind and she obeyed her greek gods and goddesses. The story of medusa and athena by lorenzo moore on prezi. Medusa was a beautiful woman who was known for her fair, golden locks and lovely features. This online medusa paper discusses the libyan and near eastern conceptions of medusa. She was then shut in a box with percius and thrown out to sea. The story above is the pdf version of the myth recorded on the website below. A different story of medusa 6 from the story jun chiu comics by thatdamauthor arinam with 535 reads.

Hello fans, this year the myth community will be hosting their 18th annual myth world cup. Medusa, the daughter of phorcys and ceto is a famous gorgon in greek mythology. They washed up on the sandy shores of the isle of lemnos. One day she visits the beautiful temple, built for the great goddess athena with her friends. The story forms the basis of the movie clash of the titans and both the movie and the poem contain some violence which make them unsuitable for young children. Olympus in the form of a stream of gold, which poured through the roof of the chamber, and soon danae had a baby named perseus. The story of medusa greek mythology explained duration. We examine how she became the monster that she is so widely regarded as. The legend of medusa is a story about a lady who is very beautiful to begin with. Fearing that, he hid his daughter danae in a chamber undergroun.

Apr 22, 2012 medusa, a love story quickly rose to the top of my alltime favorite books. Click the link to see the text in its original format. The greek myth about medusa and athena for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids print, listen to and read. In almost every version of the medusa myth, king polydectes of seriphus sent perseus to return with her head so that. Text only version of perseus and medusa myths and legends e2bn. Medusa was one of the three gorgons, daughters of phorcys and ceto, sisters of the graeae, echidna, and ladon all dreadful and fearsome beasts.

This file covers several standards for 2nd and 3rd grade. He hated his brother, proitos, who later drove him from his kingdom, and he cared. The story of medusa zeus, hera and little io greek. When perseus beheaded her, pegasus, a winged horse, and chrysaor, a golden swordwielding giant, sprang from her body. Mingle with myth the story of perseus long ago, king acrisius of argos learned from an oracle that he would one day be killed by his grandson. Silently thanking the gods for the invisible helmet, perseus backed into the cave, watching the images in the mirrored surface of his shield. I was caught up in the love story of medusa and ariston, and the clever machinations of the gods and goddesses of olympus. When medusa saw the artwork, she commented that the artist had done a fine job considering the goddesss thick eyebrows but imagine how much more wonderful the painting would be if it was of someone as delicate as medusa. The medusa head is part of fashion designer gianni versaces symbol. Dec, 2011 flipchart and worksheet that gets students to explore the myth of medusa. Medusa gorgons monstro grego e mitologia perseu e medusa. Medusa was a lovely maiden who was known for her long beautiful hair and her pale skin that was so close to perfect.

There is a form of transformation in the representation of medusa in the. Medusa was the target to blame, since she was so beautiful and attentiongrabbing. The cursed girl tagged with comic, oc, dnd, post it notes, dungeons and dragons. And when medusa reached the altar she sighed happily and said, my this is a beautiful temple. Athena never tried to curse him or call him out for what he did to medusa. Medusa was once a beautiful young lady and was eventually turned into a hideous beast with snakes for hair and the power to turn people into stone when they looked at her eyes. Medusa was the most infamous female fiend in greek mythology, whose look turned every living thing to stone. Strangely enough, medusas story doesnt end with her death. This way, he could remain alone with danae and force her to marry him. However, her pleas and sighs were heard in the heavens by zeus. Snake hair is, as the subtitle indicates, the story of medusa, who in this version is a vain young girl who makes the terrible mistake of saying that her hair is more beautiful than that of athena. Theme of the story conclusion the theme of the story athena and medusa is jealousy because medusa thinks shes prettier than athena and she said they should have build the temple for her because she the prettiest.

This pack contains a fictional myth reading prompt about medusa the gorgon as well as 7 assessment questions. Medusa was the only mortal sister of the three gorgons, who were transformed into monstrous gorgons by athena after defiling her sanctuary. I will return and free you from the attentions of this man. In the middle is the gorgon medusa, an enormous monster about whom. Sep 21, 2018 i believe there are at least three narrative layers overlapping in the myth of medusa.

However, psychoanalytic writings on the myth of medusa do not delve into. In later myths mainly in ovid medusa was the only gorgon. The two poems that i have chosen for this essay, both entitled medusa, constitute particularly unique revisions of the medusa myth by focussing not on aspects of. The curse of athena comes to be in the story of medusa, whos fate is changed by actions she had no control over. I was riveted from the very beginning of the story as the author took me on an incredibly joyous and tragic ride. Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account. Pdf medusa the victimized monster dhianita kusuma pertiwi. There was a collective gasp from all in the room, except from perseus.

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