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At honeywell, the need for an improved roadmapping discipline grew out of a desire to improve the link between technology innovation, product development and customer needs. It is an important addition to the tools at the ready for those who need to engage stakeholders in a dynamically visual environment of plans, inflight efforts, and existing assets. Technology is useless unless it fits into smart business strategy. Ralf isenmann joined the fraunhofer institute for systems and innovation research isi, karlsruhe germany, in 2008. Here are the top four reads to inform how to use big data, build useful ai and make the right tech acquisitions. A visualization of your decisionmaking options, limitations, opportunities, and anticipated outcomes. Moehrle has published several books and articles in the field of innovation and technology management. Growth through innovation requires not only good technical ideas but alignment of priorities between all the functions responsible for successfully developing and commercializing the idea. Pdf technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation. The graphical and collaborative nature of roadmaps supports strategic alignment and dialogue between functions in the firm and between organisations. Strategy definition and road mapping for industrial. Stanford libraries official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more.

Technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation by martin g. By ed crowley thus far in this series on product strategy we have discussed how a sustainable product strategy is critical to success. The top books in innovation, new product and service development, business strategy, organizational culture for innovation, and tools for creativity. Over a longer period of time, however, a series of. Strategic knowledge mapping for improved policy and strategic planning dr. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. Vision 2020 5 mustread books on technology and innovation theres no shortage of lessons for business leaders and trailblazers in these stories and biographies. Google cofounder larry page built his own book scanner, and the initial process required having someone manually turn its pages in rhythm, one at a time, according to the pace of a metronome. Robert phaal editor of technology roadmapping for strategy. Roadmapping for strategy and innovation by david probert, 9781902546827, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide.

In agents of change, three cuttingedge thinkers and entrepreneurs present case studies of social innovation that have led to significant social change. The route maps continue to be used by industry as a reference point, and the process is also being used specifically to map innovation capability. The next section briefly addresses the characteristics of strategic technology planning in the context of open innovation. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Creating a product strategy by learning the terrain and building a plan. In the case of product roadmapping, this process will involve a product manager working with her team to determine all of the major components themes, epics, stories, resources required to take the. Today the most successful ceos, executives, entrepreneurs and enterprises set their sites on developing a longterm platform instead of a shortterm strategy that supports and bu. View a roadmap is a visual representation of a sequence of steps along a timeline that depends on a roadmapping process to capture and organize the information and knowledge represented on the roadmap. Contrary to popular belief, innovation is not a freeflowing work of magic that manifests organically. Used to support strategy and innovation in companies and other organisations, roadmapping enables key technical and commercial perspectives to be captured and aligned around a common purpose. Jan 12, 2005 roadmapping, as a process and technology, is key to raising business performance from realizing innovation value in the marketplace. May 17, 2018 adaptive strategy management embracing new and changed business models to optimize digital relationships the shift to an innovation driven, digitallyenabled operating model join brian nathanson, clarity product manager, for a 20minute discussion. Next generation roadmapping for innovation planning.

Adopting the above seven strategies will enable your organization to map, systematize, manage, measure, and improve innovation and subsequently produce a steady stream of innovations. Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. The book provides a fresh strategy on achieving productmarket fit. A strategic roadmap communicates your organizations vision. Develop interlinked strategic market, product and technology. Communication is a key benefit, enabled by the visual nature of roadmaps.

Strategic management and business policy globalization. Aligning technology and markets in a dynamic world by robert phaal, clare farrukh, david probert isbn. Here are 4 to consider use this framework to make a conscious decision. Aug 01, 2010 buy roadmapping for strategy and innovation. Moehrle, 9783642339226, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. Innovation efforts fall short of their potential when they lack clear strategic intent and organizational alignment.

As a result, organizations can be slow to react to market change and lose out on growth opportunities. Reading this book led multiple people to quit their job. Innovation strategy literature takes a close look at how companies can and should develop such strategies. Proven software together with years of industry experience from our implementers will enable you to achieve competitve advantage in alignment with your strategic goals. Carbon, emissions and the environment the railway is correctly perceived as an environmentallyefficient form of transport, but the need to keep ahead. Strategy and innovation roadmapping tools philip allega. For many companies, the development of market, product and technology roadmaps is an increasingly important part of the planning process. To be successful longterm, vision, mission, and strategy have to be more than making money and profitable growth. The results of the study show that the innovative strategy is a certain interrelated sequence of actions to ensure the effective innovation of the enterprise in the light of the general strategy. The books latest edition, updated in 20, includes a new preface and epilogue describing the emergence of enterprise innovation and its impact on both. Championed by seniorlevel stakeholders, strategic planning roadmaps focus on missioncritical business objectives, and usually emphasize longterm timelines and deadlines. Introduction to strategic roadmapping roadmapping has emerged as a best practice for aligning business functions with corporate strategy.

Charting the route to success 20 by moehrle, martin, isenmann, ralf, phaal, robert isbn. Here are the top four reads to inform how to use big data, build useful ai and. The road to innovation begins with strategy its one thing to encourage innovative thinking among employees, but sustaining a companywide innovation program is a much bigger task. An introduction to strategic roadmapping what is roadmapping. Longterm profitable growth is an outcome and happens when stakeholders believe in, and are aligned with, the vision, mission, and strategy. What i am embracing is a distinction between on the one hand operational agility i.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Paul niven is a noted speaker and writer on the subjects of strategy, the balanced scorecard, and performance management. Which of these four strategies is right for your company. Motorola is widely accredited with the initial development of the technology roadmapping approach in the. Insightovation consulting strategy and roadmapping. Random investments in innovation do not always produce great returns. After studying 150 successful strategic moves spanning a. There has to be some connection between innovation strategy and the companys overall business strategy. Jan 08, 2018 strategy and innovation roadmapping tools can help leadership teams make smarter decision about their future. The major research interests of ipmi are technology forecasting, evaluation of innovations, patent strategies, and triz. Its a powerful tool for visualizing the key steps to achieving your mission. Roadmapping for strategy and innovation institute for.

He has delivered keynote addresses at conference events around the world and has published in a number of noted journals. Subsequent widespread adoption of the method can be readily demonstrated through a search of the internet. Then, the concept of producttechnology roadmaps is expanded to achieve integrated roadmaps for open innovation processes, including external technology exploitation. Strategy development helps focus resources against priority objectives, and establishes a clear vision for the organization. Buy technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation. Blue ocean strategy is a theory created by insead business school professors kim and mauborgne. A fundamental paradigm shift has occurred in marketing and branding. Motorolas innovation projects and new potential products using roadmapping software.

However, when the planning environment is changing significantly, such an approach can be dangerous. The brand mapping strategy by karen leland overdrive. Roadmapping technology ltd enterprise innovation management. Blue ocean strategy is another book on innovation with a background in academia. We blend nontraditional and conventional consulting processes to drive topline growth through new product, service and business model innovation, business strategy for disruptive innovation, leadership development and organizational culture change. Companies use roadmaps to increase visibility, accountability, and collaboration at almost every level of planning. A survey of publicdomain roadmap documents by the second author phaal, 2006 identified more than 900 examples from a. Some offer quick, silverbullet remediesa straight line to success. Roadmapping is a graphical approach to support strategic planning that enables companies to align technological capability and business plans so that corporate strategy and technology are coordinated in an integrative manner. Strategic management and business policy globalization innovation and sustainablility 14th editio. Technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation. Roadmapping is the discipline that drives improved decision making by integrating enterprise information from across functions into a set of integrated and interdependent plans used to direct strategies for innovation, product development, technology advances, and operations.

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