Fy 2015 budget guidance manual

Fiscal year 20152019 budget estimates the defense threat reduction agency dtra is the department of defenses dod combat support agency and defense agency for countering weapons of mass destruction. Fy 2015 omb congressional budget justification obama white. The agency did receive a material weakness finding related to fund balance with the u. Grant thorntons report, along with its responses to the fy 2015 ig fisma reporting metrics developed by the department of homeland security dhs, are submitted through cyberscope pursuant to the office of management and budget omb memorandum m1603, fiscal year 20152016 guidance on. Fy 2018 fy 2022 commerce strategic plan pdf current department performance plans and reports.

This page contains the fy 2015 kansas county budgets. Budget guidance for fy 2014 and fy 2015 april 23, 20 at a regular meeting of the board of supervisors of fairfax county, virginia, held in the board auditorium of the fairfax county government center on tuesday, april 23, 20, the board approved the following budget guidance for fy 2014 and fy 2015. In addition general fund reserves would be utilized due to the delay in the opening of the walmart, and due to the continued litigation with the dof. Standard procurement system sps automates the contracting process from procurement request through award and administration to final closeout.

Wherever possible, savings opportunities should be identified to respond to fiscal challenges. Programbudget ousdc pb to the military services and defense agencies. The office of management and budget omb assists the president in the development and execution. Use the find feature and search for the word revision. Fy 2016 and fy 2017 budget guidance fairfax county. Fy 2015 general fund summary fy 2014 actuals and general fund appropriations changes from fy 2015 fy 2016 fy 2015 supplemental exec. M1728, fiscal year 2019 budget guidance july 7, 2017 3 pages, 97 kb. Department of defense fiscal year fy 2015 it presidents budget request defense finance and accounting service overview executive summary the dfas mission is to direct, approve, and perform finance and accounting activities for the department of defense dod.

Explore the department of interior building footprint as of september 30, 2015. Fy 20162017 budget manual manassas city public schools. The annuals reports from fy 2001 through 2011 are located in the usace library. Offm also provides policy guidance on federal grants. Portable document format pdf files may be viewed with a free copy of adobe acrobat reader. Fiscal year 2015 congressional budget justification.

President obamas 2015 budget provides a roadmap for the agenda he laid out in his state of the union address to restore opportunity for all americans. Department budget allocations can be requested up to the departments total fy 2017 final nonlabor budget amount. Budget instructions offer guidance in preparation of budget submissions to the governor. In fy 2014, 20 states deployed the healthy homes and lead poisoning surveillance system, compared to 18 states in fy 20. Fy 2018 budget planning manual alexandria city public. Detail in this document may not add to the totals due to rounding. Office of budget home page united states department of. Us army army knowledge online army finance and comptroller school. Most staffing allocations are made based upon the number and type of students, specific school improvement plans, and school priorities to support student needs. The office of management and budget 725 17th street, nw washington, dc 20503. Operating budget in developing your fy 201617 proposed budget and multiyear capital plan, as in fy 2015.

As part of the fy 201415 budget, the city budget office lead the development of key performance measures around the mayors three budget priorities, intending to launch an increased focus on performance amongst a smaller group of bureaus. Equal employment opportunity commission eeoc is the leading federal law enforcement agency dedicated to stopping and remedying employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin age, disability, and genetic information or family medical history. Other information 124 fy 2015 agency financial report u. The manual provides standard data elements, descriptions and a standard coding structure to be used for funds control and distribution, as well as budget. Guidance for fy 2015 internal control program attachments. This year, we are pleased that in fy 2015 usaid moved from a disclaimer to an unmodified opinion, as determined by the oig. This mission directly reflects several national and department of defense guidance. Budget instructions department of finance and management.

Joint budget guidance from the under secretaries of defense for. Summary of federal agency fy 20142015 requirements as noted above, this memorandum establishes new policy guidelines to improve the federal information security posture, and provides guidance to agencies on complying with fy 2014. The draft guidance manual for the oasisd version of the oasis data set, effective january 1, 2019, has been posted to the downloads section below. President barack obama signs copies of the fy 2015 budget as sylvia mathews burwell, director, office of management and budget, and omb staff look on in the oval office, march 4, 2014. Financial management policy manual fmpm final asnfmc org chart 12 june 2017. The office of management and budget omb approved the final oasisd guidance manual, effective january 1, 2019. Financial management, state of idaho publications, 2015. For instructions by fiscal year please select from the listing below. Similarly, applying the adjusted market basket update of 1.

The department of justice has posted the departments budget and performance summary to meet office of management and budget date specifications. Fiscal year 2015 hazard mitigation assistance guidance and addendum femas hazard mitigation assistance hma grant programs provide funding for eligible mitigation activities that reduce disaster losses and protect life and property from future disaster damages including the hazard mitigation grant program hmgp, predisaster mitigation pdm, flood mitigation assistance fma. Department of defense fiscal year fy 2015 it presidents. Cocom exercise engagement and training transformation. For guidance regarding budget formulation, see the budget guidance manual bgm. Santa ana college planning and budget manual table of contents.

Supporting materials department of toxic substances control. Other files may be viewed with your pcs native software. Fy 2015 cbj, fy 2015 app, and fy 20 apr fy 2015 budget request by program division of enforcement dollars in thousands fy 20 actual fy 2014 estimate fy 2015 request fte. This guidance applies to hmgp disasters declared on or after february 27, 2015 unless indicated otherwise. For instance, if fy 2015 and fy 2016 advance procurement funds. Publications and forms are available for downloading or ordering on the epublishing website at. It carefully outlines strategies for the mitigation process by interpreting the. Summary of provisions in the 2015 appropriations act. The fy 201617 budget submission manual explains how to develop your departments operating and capital budgets as well as the necessary assumptions to be used.

If a revision is necessary click revise under action for the budget detail. The department recognizes that these documents may not yet be in an accessible format. For reference, the fy 2017 budget can be found in munis or on the fy 2018 budget development reports posted on blackboard. The social security administrations compliance with the. Civil works budget united states army corps of engineers. Municipal audits fy 2015 fy 2015 audit reports of kansas municipalities are organized by municipality type. Comprehensive planning and budget calendar fy 201516 4. Finance and management updates instructions at the start of each development cycle. Through the use of these strategies, a status quo budget for fy 201516 was anticipated. Fy 2016 local planapplication budget guidance georgia department of education career, technical and agriculture education revised july 10, 2015 page 6 comparison categories for federal non supplanting issue the total funds for object codes 300400, 500, 600, 700 and 800 expended for career and technical education and. Use it to assist with complete and accurate disclosure and documentation of costs to be covered with the cacfp meal reimbursement. Instructions exhibit p40a, budget item justification for aggregated items. There are no releasability restrictions on this publication. Fy 20162017 budget manual 7 revised september 2015 budget allocations in the final budget, schools will be allocated funds for staffing, materials, supplies, and equipment.

Office of budget fmb office of financial policies and systems fmp office of financial operations fmo office of counsel fmc appropriations matters office fmbe fiscal administrative division fma. Fiscal year 2015 hazard mitigation assistance guidance and. This updated guidance is an essential instrument for our internal and external stakeholders. Dtsc budget change proposal for fy 201516, exide 2014 enforcement order dtsc budget change proposal for fy 201516, implementation of sb 1249 dtsc spring finance letter for fy 201516, replacement of laboratory equipment. Federal guidance can be found in title 2, subtitle a, chapter ii, part 200 of the code of federal regulations. Fiscal year 2016 appropriations for higher education general assembly action62015. Structure of budget manual the manual is structured according to the major public financial management activities of the federal government. President obama announces his 2015 budget whitehouse. Fiscal year fy 2015 it presidents budget request defense logistics agency overview mission will not be jeopardized by technology obsolescence and the system will be more reliable and cost effective. The department of defense must submit the presidents budget to congress on the first monday in february. Fiscal year 2018 fiscal year 2017 fiscal year 2016 fiscal year 2015 fiscal year 2014 back to list. Crcl provides dhs with advice on the full range of civil rights and. Department of education about the other information section this section includes improper payments reporting details, the schedule of spending, a summary of assurances, a summary of the office of inspector generals view on the. This guidance is also applicable to the pdm and fma program.

It is not all inclusive, as each organization is unique. Instructions for fy 201617 budget preparation memo. This first edition of the budget manual is based on performancebased budgeting and aims to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public finance system in pakistan. Headquarters 466 480 509 regions 801 814 865 total fte 1,267 1,294 1,374. Consult the revision section in the budget guidance manual for instruction regarding when a revision is required. M1404, fiscal year 20 reporting instructions for the federal information.

For fy 201516, we will be expanding this initiative to all bureaus. These requirements will be implemented for the first time during the formulation of the fy 2017 presidents budget. Fiscal year 2015 2016 guidance on federal information security. To aid agencies in meeting the fit ara requirements related to the chief information officers role in budget formulation and budget submission, omb will provide additional guidance in omb circular a11. Budget guidance manual atlas bright from the start. For fiscal year fy 2015, the estimated funding requirement for omb is.

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