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Ntsb investigators may not have traveled in support of this investigation and used data provided by various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report. This web site shows some of the basics of how i built a bearhawk aircraft, mostly in my garage, over a 4 12 year period if you are contemplating building your own, i have created a complete 3volume set of detailed bearhawk builders manuals to walk you through the whole process. What do i need to know about bearhawk weight and balance. Bearhawk aircraft factory time lapse of aileron construction duration. If you would like to be informed of new developments, please leave us your email address. The proto type bearhawk n6890r is powered by a lycoming 0360 170 hp set up to burn auto fuel. The bearhawk is a homebuilt aircraft in the maule airplane tradition, being fourseat stol with a wide variety of engine choices. Bearhawk aircraft also offers a quickbuild kit that complies with the 51% rule but saves considerable build time.

So far, as of this date april 2010 there are only a couple of bearhawks with floats. Bearhawk 1063 building log jared and tabithas bearhawk. Construction is similar to other bearhawk aircraft, with fuselage and tail. Kit number 60 started life in marietta ga with richard ogletree, and we purchsed it from him in 2009. By the third spin attempt i learned to start the recovery a half turn before the heading i wanted to come out on. On some web browsers there will be a button in the upper left corner of this video to look around in all. The workmanship that scott does on his aircraft is impeccable. Bearhawk lsa kit completes its maiden flight to oshkosh plane. Jan 01, 2015 here is scott sehers bearhawk kit built aircraft. If you are interested in starting your own bearhawk airplane project you can purchase the plans from.

Took my bearhawk patrol up for my first try at spinning it. Landing the bearhawk 4place in the backcountry at muzzle station to meet a friend. Pictures of bearhawk designer bob barrows two bearhawks. It is a single engine, strutbraced, highwing, tandem seat aircraft with conventional landing gear or floats. The bearhawk build is much different from vans both in techniques used and instructions provided. Today, three models are offered in both plan and kit form for amateur aircraft builders. The bearhawk kit manuals are out on the bearhawkaircraft site for free. The bearhawk patrol was designed by robert barrows of fincastle, virginia. Engines from 150 to 260 horsepower can be chosen, and engine power will dictate stol performance, just as it does in the. The bearhawk is a natural for mounting some floats on it and landing on some lakes. If you are the owner of a quickbuild kit for a 4place bearhawk and would like to participate in beta testing, please let us know. Follow my progress as i build my own full scale aircraft, the barrows bearhawk. Karl jensen retired from saa as a b747400 captain in 2003 and has continuously been involved in aviation for more than 50 years and has 26,800 flying hours. Ive been able to induct 7 new bh pilots, and they all agreeits one of the best all around airplanes theyve ever flown.

In novosibirsk, siberia, russia andrey scratch built this patrol with a few parts from bearhawk aircraft. The aircraft fuselage is made from welded steel tubing covered in doped aircraft fabric, while the wings are made from aluminum sheet. Got any really good ideas on how to do something better. The bearhawk patrol is a high wing aircraft designed for comfort. Bearhawk aircraft has revealed their latest model, the bearhawk bravo. The aircraft is supplied as a kit or as plans for amateur construction. It was great to have him stop by, since most of my visitors are not bearhawk builders. The generous proportions of the cabin provide plenty of room for just about any sized pilot, a passenger or two if they are small and gear.

The bearhawk lsa is an american amateurbuilt lightsport aircraft, designed by bob barrows and produced by bearhawk aircraft of austin, texas. The bearhawk patrol is designed to improve on the piper super cub. The bearhawk has about 32 hrs on it now, and is performing flawlessly so far. This list was put together by bearhawk builder wayne massey and there is no guarantee of its accuracy but its a great starting point. Here is a brief slide show on how i built this bearhawk airplane. Bearhawk aircraft reports its line of utility, transport and recreational aircraft are now flying on five continents. The bearhawk lsa, available as a quickbuild kit, is manufactured by bearhawk aircraft of austin, texas. Bob has built numerous aircraft, including a scratch built midget mustang. Jun 10, 2014 landing the bearhawk 4place in the backcountry at muzzle station to meet a friend. Since the outlet is on the bottom, the height ends up. Click the picture above for a slide show of how to build a bearhawk. There are no complicated fittings or parts that the homebuilder would not be able to make. Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing free images and videos. The large baggage door ensures the ability to easily load your cargo.

Engines from 150 to 260 horsepower can be chosen, and engine power will dictate stol performance, just as it does in the maule series of. On september 8, 2014, at 1424 eastern daylight time, an amateurbuilt campbell super bearhawk, cfbca, nosed over during landing on a river near sault ste marie, michigan. The andair is a great design for most applications, but for ours it doesnt work very well. He is the present chairman of the johannesburg eaa chapter 322 and has held. The bearhawk is an original design by robert barrows of fincastle, virginia. Also be sure to check out these great videos from bearhawk builder mike creek in elko, nevada. His patrol and lsa have used his innovations that simplify construction and reduce drag, and the model b package includes those changes applied to the 4place. One of them is al robinsons lycoming o360 powered bearhawk in alberta, canada pictured here. Since we sold our first kit in 2001, many happy customers have experienced the thrill of the first flight in a real aircraft, built by their own hands. Mar 29, 2017 bearhawk aircraft reports its line of utility, transport and recreational aircraft are now flying on five continents. One of them is al robinsons lycoming o360 powered bearhawk in.

The plane with the 3 blade prop is bobs prototype ii with the o540 260 hp. The wing spars and ribs are aluminum with aluminum covering. The day was a perfect autumn afternoon, calm and cool conditions. The design parameters were for a heavy hauling big airplane with a good cruise speed and economical operation. N805tb is a bob barrowsdesigned bearhawk 4place with plans number 1063, built from bearhawk aircraftavipro kit number 60. All contents are released under the pixabay license, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist even for commercial purposes. Attached is a link to a pdf file with a list of the needed materials for the bearhawk wings. The original design and modifications are by aviator, mechanic and engineer bob barrows. Stainless steel flap return springs set of 4 specifically designed for the bearhawk and patrol.

The bearhawk stable of aircraft are available as 51% kits. The aircrafts recommended engine power range is 150 to 260 hp 112 to 194 kw and standard engines used include the 180 hp. Barrows designed the airplane to meet his personal transportation needs and replace a cessna 170 that he owned at the time. The cabin size of the bearhawk is comparable to a cessna 180. Bearhawk 4place wins the 2019 new zealand stol championship duration. The video above was filmed with a 360 degree camera. Bob first designed the bearhawk 4place in the early 1990s, and hes learned a lot since then. Jared and tabithas bearhawk construction log the story. This is bearhawk landing stehekin by mike creek on vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Its fuselage is steel tube construction with semimonocoque aluminum wings. Bearhawk aircraft offers the finest, most capable two and four place kit utility planes to the homebuilt aircraft community, at prices that make our products the best. Read through them, compare to an rv builders manuals if you have the chance. Jared and tabithas bearhawk construction log the story of. The bravo will be a refinement of the original 4place bearhawk design from 1994 that started the bearhawk family of aircraft. Jul 25, 2016 bearhawk aircraft has unveiled the bearhawk bravo, a refinement of the fourplace bearhawk design that established the family of bearhawk aircraft. Bearhawk now flying on five continents general aviation news. Download royalty free photos and videos and share your own pictures as public domain. The barrows bearhawk was originally conceived and first built in the mid1990s in virginia. The bearhawk is a 4 place plans built design with generous proportions and superior performance. The fuselage is constructed with welded steel tubing with aircraft fabric covering. Jared and tabithas bearhawk construction log the story of n805tb. The bh with the 2 blade prop is proto i with an o360. The bearhawk patrol is a high wing aircraft designed for comfort, endurance and fun.

The aircraft was introduced to the public at airventure 2012. Bearhawk lsa, bearhawk light sport aircraft by bearhawk. Any topic no prefix any prefix for sale wanted sold found. If not, here is a link to the press release issued by bearhawk aircraft. Bearhawk aircraft bush plane stol 4 place kit plane build. Jan 07, 2012 today i had a visit from fellow bearhawk builder john rheney. Contribute share information, experience andor images. If you are still reading i will assume you have an interest in the subject also, so come along for the mental trip and we will see if we learn anything. The aircraft is supplied in the form of plans or a kit for amateur construction.

Some bearhawk owners have put the big tundra tires on their airplanes, and operate on the remote landing. All discussions only photos only videos only links only polls only events only. Bearhawk in the back country of new zealand back yard flying from j3adventures on vimeo. This page is all about the use of a chevrolet fuel injection engine in a aircraft. Worldwide map of bearhawk and bearhawk patrol builders. First flights, vender news, construction updates, interiors, flying technique, etc. If you like this video and would like to help me promote aviation please like. Bob has a bsc degree in mechanical engineering and has over 4,000 hours of flight time, almost exclusively in tailwheel aircraft. Youve found the place for more than you ever wanted to know about our bearhawk project. We were able to talk about several of the special challenges and hard decisions in the building process. Designer bob barrows originally brought the aircraft to fruition as a. My aircraft spruce order from sunnfun arrived, and i got several new goodies. The 4place bearhawk bearhawk aircraft offers the finest, most capable two and four place kit utility planes to the homebuilt aircraft community, at prices that make our products the best value among kit planes.

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