Star trek passage to moauv book and record sets

Star trek the complete comic book collection dvd works with both windows and macintosh computers. This is the first of a 3volume set, which neatly reorganizes the original 12 bantam paperbacks, one book per season. Star trek vintage 1979 book record set factory sealed peter pan passage to moauv. In the book, published in 1993, shatner interviews several cast members of star trek. See more ideas about peter pan, retro kids and comic books. The record would be an audio story, using multiple voice actors, music, and sound effects. Star trek the crier in emptiness and passage to moauv book and record set see and hear exciting stories br 522 paperback january 1, 1979 by peter pan industries author. Pr25 1979 passage to moauv reprint with photo cover. If you were more into the tvmovie arena, like i was, you could choose to bring high adventure and space excitement to breathtaking height with adaptations of four of the most popular apjac planet of the apes films and books from star trek passage to moauv or even from my personal favorite, space. Passage to moauv, by alan dean foster in vino veritas, by alan dean foster. And passage to moauv 1975 paramount pictures version still sealed in the factory shrinkwraps. Star trek memories is the first of two volumes of autobiography dictated by william shatner and transcribed by mtv editorial director christopher kreski.

We value your opinion greatly, and will make every effort to earn your loyalty. He was surprised by the reaction of his fellow actors, who spoke negatively of. The book would adapt this same story, so that kids could read along. Unknown artist star trek passage to moauv 1975, vinyl. There have been a total of twentythree record packages released from 1975 to 1979 by peter pan records and power records which was a division of peter pan industries. Passage to moauv memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki.

On the star trek peter pan records of 1979 sequart. Albums 18 were released with cover artwork reflecting tos, while the latter releases all featured photo covers depicting scenesstills from star trek. I know i didnt find out it existed until many years later. Passage to moauv was the first of 11 tos stories produced by peter pan records. The ambassadors pet is called a waoul and it looks like a cross between a nervous bobcat and a furry lizard. Side 1 1 dinosaur planet 2 passage to moauv side 2 1 time stealer 2 in vino veritas 3 to starve a fleaver option to upgrade shipping method available once the item is in your cart. These stories, most of them written by james blish with a few written by his wife, after his passing are straightforward, strippeddown adaptations of the original episodes, although blish gradually fleshed them out a bit as he went along. Pr26 and cassette c101 with passage to moauv and the crier in.

The novel describes the backstory of captain kathryn janeway, from when she was a small child, to working alongside owen paris and finally when. Mosaic is a novel based on the american science fiction television series star trek. Passage to moauv a mirror for futility i had these as a kid. It was meant to be followed along to the voice actors who played the roles. Moauv is neutral, but it lies near both the klingon and romulan neutral zones. The first star trek audio productions were released on record sets by peter pan records. The item youve selected was not added to your cart. Using the drop down box, please select from the following. Vinyl 7 unknown artist star trek passage to moauv 1975, vinyl discogs.

Star trek album, star trek record, star trek music, retro vinyl lp, 1970s record album, star trek movie, soundtrack lp. Peter pan records star trek lot of 4 book and record sets. Mress character from the animated star trek appearing as a normal. It was written by jeri taylor, who was executive producer of the show for the first five seasons, and was published by pocket books in 1996. Book and record set last edited by pikahyper on 011720 01. Details about vintage star trek passage to moauv book and record set pr25. Despite this, when comics were contained inside, the art for those comics reflected the uniforms of the original. The original series with the notable exception of james doohan. A couple of the peter panpower records star trek stories are on youtube. Make offer star trek book and record set br 5 record. Star trek passage to moauv book and record set 1975 paramount pictures corp. Voyager book series by multiple authors includes books caretaker, the escape star trek voyager, no 2, star trek voyageur, tome 3.

Each set features a full color graphic comic retelling of a story also presented on a 45 record, replete with special effects sounds. Pr25 1975 passage to moauv the enterprise is ordered to transport the noisy, catlike pet waul of the moauvian ambassador to his home world. This set is produced by power records as part of a series of promotional superhero, monster and science fiction records with a comic book included. Star trek the crier in emptiness and passage to moauv. Buy book and record set star trek passage to moauv. The enterprise is on a mission to transport the pet waoul of the moauvian ambassador from centarus base back to his homeworld of moauv. The shows creator gene rodenberry was dead by then,most of the others tell their stories. New listing d star trek comic book and record set d rare 1976 peter pan vinyl lp sealed. This was the first of seven stories set during captain james t. Vintage star trek book and lp record sets factory sealed. On the star trek peter pan records of 19751976 sequart.

The star trek stories were rereleased many times passage to moauv ended up being reissued on different records no less than 6 times. Didnt matter that the actors werent the same as on television. The waul escapes and its telepathic projections of fear affect all crew members except lt. The motion picture, the record company went back to press on its original seven stories, reissuing them, both as singles and as 12. These sets have been classified as new and are still sealed in original shrink wrap. This book promises to take star trek fans where no fan has gone before. Three sets are labeled power records, while wonder woman comes from the companys better known peter pan records. Star trek sealed lp vinyl record album, peter pan records. In the 1970s, peter pans began producing bookandrecord sets, with a 7. Audiobook memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki fandom.

This discography used to be displayed on the old power records discography site. The covers for many of these titles can be found on the covers pages. This record gives us an idea what a bookandrecord set of these movies might have looked like, which is a major tease. Twentythree record sets were released between 1975 and 1979, variously rereleasing a series of eleven different stories. I can remember culling the records department at sears, specifically looking for these in the early 80s as a young tot of five. This set is produced by power records as part of a series of. There were only eleven different original star trek stories, but they have been released and rereleased a number of times in different record types. Star trek passage to moauvthe crier in emptiness cassette twopack. These took the form of packages which included a phonograph record either a 7 inch 45 rpm, a 12 inch 33 lp or a 7 inch 33 mini lp and often a read along comic book typically 20 pages long. This reissue was on the peter pan label as power releases had ceased by then. Etsy your place to buy and sell all things handmade.

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